5 Cities Every Tourist Needs to Visit in Europe


Europe is where you can find all the most diverse and incredible countries. The content has everything from cultural diversity, history and delicious food. For sure, most of us visit a new place every year, so you should never ignore Europe.

So if you want to begin your adventure in this striking continent, then here we are for you. Today’s article will talk about the five major cities you should consider visiting in Europe.


  • Paris – France:

If you are an art and culture lover, this French capital offers you a lot. Regardless of whoever you are visiting Paris with your lover, family, or friends, there is a surety that you will enjoy. There are many things to see and explore in Paris like parks, museums, cute and big cafes, giant towers like Eifel tower (nobody forgetting!) and a lot more.

The best time to visit Paris is between April, June, October, and November. During this time, the weather is mild with fewer tourists. 

  • Rome – Italy:

Rome was once home to several famous artists, emperors, and warriors. It is also an ideal place for all art and history enthusiasts. Rome boasts the world’s most prosperous cultural heritage with several different kinds of museums, historical landmarks, and galleries. And yes, food is not an exception.

The best time to visit Rome is October to April because the bookings are cheaper with fewer crowds. You can enjoy your time there by visiting Colosseum and the Vatican to try some delicious gelato. Also, don’t forget to throw a coin in Trevi Fountain!

  • Vienna – Austria:

This capital city of Austria is the number one city in all the life surveys. It is because of its serene green spaces, fantastic food, and friendly locals. Further, the city offers you grand imperial buildings, outdoor summer bars, and great food stalls to make you enjoy the exceptional taste of Austria. Alongside, Vienna features one of the best Christmas markets worldwide. So this city surely wins the hearts of all tourists.

The best time to visit Vienna is April to May, September, and October. It would be best if you considered visiting the museum of Sigmund Freud and enjoying a cup of coffee at Cafe Central. 

  • Istanbul – Turkey:

Who does not heard about Istanbul already? 15.9 million Of the urban population live there, and it is the largest city in Europe. Also, Istanbul is the only city all around the globe that is in between two different continents, Asia and Europe. It is for sure a beautiful landscaping city with vibrant nightlife, bazaars, and markets.

The best time to visit Istanbul is in March, May, September, and November. You should make sure to visit Topkapi palace and be amazed by the Blue Mosque’s beauty. 

  • Lisbon – Portugal:

Lisbon is built on the seven famous hills because of its vibrant Fado joints, egg tarts, and bright building tiles. Any day you visit Lisbon, you will get entertained somehow, regardless it’s the street art, museums, music festivals, or simply coffee shops.

The best time to visit Lisbon is in March, May, September, and October. Don’t forget to take a day trip to Sintra and Torre de Belem and do beach hopping.

Never considered visiting Europe? It is time now! Europe is for sure full of striking vibes for you. However, it does possess art, culture, and history too. So it’s an excellent combo for everyone. 

Author Bio: Jessica Watson has been writing for websites and blogs for the last five years; currently, she is the Marketing Manager at Regal Airport Cars London. They are famous for providing the best Airport Taxi services in the UK.