Getaway Essentials: ViaResorts Review and Recommendations

ViaResorts Review

Having booked our long overdue getaway (remember the pandemic!) through, I am happy to share my exceptional experience with fellow travelers looking for great deals in great locations. This online platform has really made luxury travel affordable, as we stayed at a few hotels in Bali and Vietnam for what we had budgeted for the price of one!  FYI, we are a family of four. Myself, hubby and two children under fourteen years of age.

ViaResorts Review

Here’s what we experienced:

Easy Booking Experience:

Navigating through the website was a breeze, with a pleasing design that immediately activated my wanderlust! Their point of difference is the ability to secure a rate now and complete the reservation with dates later, which meant our budget was fixed and we knew what we were up for. We then worked out our flights and commenced the date reservations. Once they were confirmed, we booked flights. Viaresorts also provided a booking self-service on their checkout page for flights which helped us research and find the best fares too. 

Good Destinations:

Their hotels are largely in Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Cambodia –  but we noticed they do have properties in Mexico, the US and Europe and that the number of properties is increasing as we’ve been using the site. The hotels they have did allow us to choose from locations and deals that suited us and our budget.  While they don’t have every hotel, what they have does fit the “affordable luxury” ethos they advertise on their website. We’re looking forward to seeing more hotels on the site that fit this category for our future holidays.

Exclusive Vacation Offers

From what we could tell when researching offers, the vacation deals are exclusive to viaresorts, which means they must contract rates and inclusions to advertise, or the hotels advertise only those offers on the platform. We did see the same hotels and similar deals on other sites, but when we dug a little deeper Viaresorts often had extra inclusions (such as spa vouchers, meals, massages, transfers, etc) or were cheaper overall. We also had a $100 gift voucher so this made our first booking even better. We got that just by joining their mailing list.

Excellent Communications:

What we loved compared to other online booking services is the follow up and communications. After getting confirmation our selected vacation was on hold awaiting dates, we received an email from the customer service manager checking if everything was good and asking for feedback. We were able to communicate directly with their team via email and online ticketing that is actually answered quickly! We found they work 7 days a week and all hours as we were chatting with them late some evenings and weekends to finalize our reservations. Best of all, they were super friendly and when we wanted to change resorts, they went ahead and made the switch cost free and without any hassle. No sitting on long calls or waiting days between emails like some of the big booking sites, so it’s more like a boutique operation for people who want a better level of service.


In my experience with ViaResorts has been nothing short of extraordinary. From the moment I started browsing to the day I returned from my trip, the platform exceeded my expectations at every step. If you’re seeking a travel booking experience that combines convenience, exclusive benefits, and exceptional customer service, ViaResorts is undoubtedly the portal that will help turn your travel dreams into an affordable reality.