Trekking Adventures in the Red Sea Mountains near Sharm El Sheikh

Trekking Adventures in the Red Sea Mountains

The rugged Red Sea Mountains offer amazing hiking opportunities just a short drive from the bustling tourist resort town of Sharm El Sheikh in South Sinai, Egypt. With towering peaks, deep canyons, and spectacular views of the coastal plains and Red Sea, this remote mountain range is a trekker’s paradise. Here are some of the top hiking routes and trails to consider for your Red your Red your Red Sea Mountains adventure.

Trekking Adventures in the Red Sea Mountains

Wadi Gharandal Trail

One of the most popular multi-day treks is the Wadi Gharandal Trail, which follows a dramatic canyon cut deep into the mountains. Starting from near Saint Catherine’s Monastery, the trail winds its way downstream through the wadi (dry riverbed), passing rock formations, oasis pools, and glimpses of mountain wildlife. 

An overnight stop at the scenic Siq Al Bar canyon allows for exploration of side canyons and climbing to high viewpoints. Continuing downstream the next day brings you to the coastal plains, with options to arrange transport back to Sharm El Sheikh or to extend your hike further into the mountains. 

Jebel Maghara Trail

For day hikers looking for stunning mountain scenery without the commitment of an overnight trek, the Jebel Maghara trail is an excellent choice. This route climbs steeply up the flanks of Jebel Maghara, one of the highest peaks in the range, passing through acac Jebel Maghara, one of the highest peaks in the range, passing through acacia forest and mountain meadows. 

The three-to-four hour round-trip hike rewards with unparalleled panoramic views stretching from the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Aqaba to the desert plains and coast. A local guide is recommended to navigate the sometimes indistinct trail and point out plants and wildlife.

Wadi El-Arbaeen Trail

Venturing further into the remote central mountains, the Wadi El-Arbaeen trail system offers multi-day trekking routes through little visited canyons and valleys. Starting from the small village of Habab, the trails follow dry riverbeds downstream, passing oases and rock art before emerging near the coast. 

Highlights include the scenic Siq El-Bar canyon and views of Jebel Katrina, the tallest mountain in South Sinai. Guided treks on this route lasting 4-5 days allow time for side trips to explore additional wadis and canyons. Look for pacchetti escursioni sharm el sheikh including this itinerary if you want to trek this remote region in comfort.

Mountain Scenery and Wildlife Spotting

Whether undertaking a multi-day trek or day hike, the rugged beauty of the Red Sea Mountains never fails to impress. Towering sandstone cliffs, deep canyons, oasis pools, and sweeping views of the coastal plains below make for stunning scenery. Keep an eye out for mountain wildlife as well. Ibex, foxes, and hyrax are often spotted, and if lucky, you may see an elusive wolf or caracal cat. 

Birdlife abounds, with eagles, vultures, and songbirds common sights. With a good guide, you’ll learn to identify the many desert-adapted plants that dot the mountainsides. An overnight camping allows for sunrise and sunset views that are simply breathtaking.

Hiking Tips and Logistics

Multi-day treks in the Red Sea Mountains require advance planning and having the right equipment. It’s best to hike between November and April when daytime temperatures are milder. Always bring plenty of water, as sources can be scarce away from villages. Wear sturdy hiking boots and bring a daypack, first aid kit, headlamp, and warm layers. 

A local guide is essential for route finding and safety in remote areas. They can also arrange camping, meals, and transport. With proper preparation, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular mountain scenery and hiking adventures unlike anywhere else in Egypt.