Our Manaslu Trekking Experience: Discovering Friendly Local Cultures along the Way

Manaslu Trekking

When my partner Jen and I set off on our “Manaslu Circuit Trekking” adventure last fall, we had no idea the rich local cultures and people we would discover along the way. While the stunning Himalayan scenery was a huge draw for us, it was the friendly villagers that really made our trek memorable and worthwhile.

Manaslu Trekking

Making New Friends in Sundarbazar

After our long bus ride from Kathmandu, we reached the town of Sundarbazar, tired but excited to start our journey. That’s where we met Pemba, a smiling teenager who helped carry our bags to our guesthouse. His English was limited, but he eagerly showed us around the small village. We ended up sharing a pot of sweet milk tea with Pemba and some locals, learning about their lives herding yaks and growing potatoes in the valley. New friends already!

Discovering Diverse Cultures

As our trek progressed, we had the chance to interact with Sherpas, Gurungs, Thakalis and more ethnic groups distinct to this region. In the village of Namrung, we stopped to help an elderly Gurung woman collect fallen pine needles from the forest. Through smiles and gestures, she invited us into her home for warm garlic soup. We admired her traditional dresses and handicrafts. Every interaction gave us a glimpse into the diversity of these remote mountain communities.

Hospitality of Himalayan Folks

Throughout our Manaslu Circuit Trekking, the people’s kindness and generosity really shone through. Often villagers would invite us into their homes for tea unprompted. In Lunak village, we happened upon a celebration of the potato and grain harvest. The whole community welcomed us to partake in yak butter tea, delicious flat bread and dancing. Their openness and willingness to share their culture with outsiders made our trek truly special.

Unforgettable People of the Peaks

Now back home, the breathtaking scenery of Manaslu and Larke Peak remains vivid in our memories. But it’s the generous, welcoming locals we met along our journey that we fondly reminisce about most. Their hospitality and pride in their culture left a lasting impression on us. 

We look forward to returning to the Manaslu region someday to see our new friends. The people are what truly make a ‘’Manaslu Circuit Trekking’’ experience unforgettable. Their smiles and kindness will stay with us forever.