What Are the Best Hookah Models?

What Are the Best Hookah Models

Due to a huge collection of hookah models available in the market, you can be bewildered by different options. Finalizing the right model that can meet your requirements is not an easy thing, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Our list is comprised of some of the best hookah models that your money can buy. Let’s take a look at them below:

What Are the Best Hookah Models


CHIKITA is one of MYA’s top leading hookah models. Featuring a solid frosted glass, the hookah stands at 11-inch tall when fully-assembled and has 16-inch circumference at its widest point. The unique shape and compact size offer a very distinctive look.  It has everything you need to enjoy your hookah smoking to the fullest, including a tong, hose, bowl, vase, stem, plate, stem and all grommets.

Shareef Ice 3F Silver

Khalil Mamoon Shareef Ice 3F provides you with the best performance for your desired hookah smoking experience. Featuring a stunning sliver stem with etched decorations, the hookah is an ideal for everyone wanting to invest in an elegant-looking hookah. What you get include: a clay bowl, grommets, sliver metal tray, KM pro signature 60-inch hose, and a tray carrying KM stamp.


Hydra Batman edition is a modern hookah that has an elegant matching tong and a hose. Available in just black color, the hookah features a luminous vase logo and a bat shaped tray. It’s an ideal choice for Batman fans and individuals wanting to use something new and stylish.

ROMA Glass Hookah

Roma Glass Hookah is the perfect choice for travelers wanting to enjoy hookah smoking on the go. It comes in give different colors and stands about 21-inch tall. The color changing LED lights emits four different flash modes to add a real charm to your hookah smoking.

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