How to Pack Fragile Items for Shipping via Oversea Express Mail Service

How to Pack Fragile Items for Shipping via Oversea Express Mail Service

We already know that all care is little when it comes to sending fragile items oversea express mail service (ems ต่าง ประเทศ, which is the term in Thai). As much as we advise not to send fragile and delicate orders through a carrier or mail, sometimes there is no other solution. What to do then when you have no other way and need to send that porcelain vase, a valuable painting or your favorite dishes to a friend in Germany or the United Kingdom?

Let’s explain how to wrap fragile items for a totally secure shipment, thus, that your international order will arrive intact to the final destination.

It’s not as difficult as it seems to pack your most precious possessions. Prepared? So get to work!

How to properly pack fragile items?

The idea is to pack delicate items individually and without empty spaces. You can use the same approach when packing other types of fragile items;

Keep in mind that when packaging fragile items, you should keep them stable inside the package so they do not move during shipping. Therefore, wrap them with lots of crumpled paper, wrapping paper and bubble wrap;

For objects that have a strange shape, fill in all blanks with crumpled paper inside the box in order to try to “model” the shape of such a strange item causing it to get more regular outlines. Understood?  This whole arrangement should be wrapped with adhesive tape to make the package very compact. Do not skimp on duct tape! Use as much as you can because it will ensure greater compactness for your order;

Before packing your items into cardboard boxes, be sure to fill the cartons with cushioning material such as foam and foam;

Lastly, do not forget to write this message in your cardboard boxes – “Fragile, handle with care”.